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    USD (US$)
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    BBD (Bds$)
    BDT (BDT)
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    BSD (BSD)
    BZD ($)
    CAD (C$)
    CHF (Fr)
    CLP (CLP)
    COP (COP)
    CRC (₡)
    CZK (Kč)
    DOP (RD$)
    EUR (Euro €)
    GBP (Pound £)
    HRK (kn)
    IDR (Rp)
    INR (INR)
    JMD (JMD)
    JPY (Yen ¥)
    KES (KSh)
    LBP (ل.ل.)
    MAD (DH)
    MXN (Mex$)
    MYR (RM)
    NGN (₦)
    NOK (kr)
    NZD (NZ$)
    PAB (B/.)
    PGK (K)
    PHP (Peso ₱)
    PKR (PKR)
    PLN (zł)
    RON (L)
    RUB (₽)
    SEK (kr)
    THB (฿)
    TRY (₺)
    UAH (₴)
    UGX (USh)
    USD (US$)
    UYU ($U)
    XCD ($)
    ZAR (R)
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